New jobs and energy gains helping lift US economy

A stronger-than-expected April rebound in job creation and recent dramatic discoveries of vast U.S. oil and gas reserves are helping to lift the American economy out its long funk.



How Oil Made Working-Class North Dakota a Whole Lot Richer

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently produced a breakdown of job growth during North Dakota's oil rush, and it's pretty remarkable. In counties where oil rigs have sprouted up to drill from the Bakken Shale Formation -- a few of which are actually in Montana -- employment grew by 35.9 percent from 2007 to 2011, from about 78,000 jobs to more than 105,000.



Shale Boom Has Major Impact on Texas' Budget

The impact of the recent boom in shale drilling is hard to miss in some remote Texas towns, where hotels and homebuilders scramble to keep up with the influx of oil and gas workers.



The U.S. Has Much, Much More Gas and Oil Than We Thought

The United States has double the amount of oil and three times the amount of natural gas than previously thought, stored deep under the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana, according to new data the Obama administration released Tuesday.



Approve Keystone Now

Rather than encourage more study, President Barack Obama should now prod the State Department to move as fast as possible to approve the pipeline and get this overblown and needlessly divisive controversy off the nation’s agenda.



Fracking doesn’t pose health risks

Fracking doesn’t pollute water or air. No documented instances of adverse health effects have been linked to fracking, nor have any occurrences of groundwater contamination been confirmed from the more than 1 million wells that have been hydraulically fractured over the past 50 years. Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said as much last year when she was queried on this subject, and her former boss, President Obama, supports hydraulic fracturing.



Local businesses sharing in Utica Shale bonanza

Local businesses are getting their share of what some might call the Utica Shale bonanza.



Colleges prepare students for new jobs in oil and gas

For years, Ohioans have been waiting for the full force of the oil and gas boom while they watched as exploration of the Marcellus and Utica Shale formations took off in Pennsylvania. In preparation, area colleges and universities have started offering new programs, changing operations so their students could join the burgeoning workforce



Former State Department Official Convinced Keystone XL Will Be Approved

Canada's natural resources minister, Joe Oliver, was in Washington, D.C. this week to convince American policymakers and the public to approve of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.



America's air is getting cleaner - and less costly

America's air is getting cleaner, which doesn't just mean a healthier public -- it also saves the U.S. billions of dollars.

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