Fracking-led energy boom paves way for 'Saudi America'

All along the highway that leads into this city in West Texas, the rows of black pump jacks seem endless, bobbing up and down as they pull crude oil from beneath the parched scrub desert.



Energy boom brings new life to old businesses across U.S.

This rust-bucket town near Buffalo is a perfect example of the transformation that fracking has brought to American business, where new life has been breathed into manufacturing and railroads even as much of the economy lumbers along.



Chemical and plastics industries love fracking

Fracking is fueling a manufacturing renaissance in some parts of the country. Companies want to use the gas to provide energy -- but one sector uses natural gas to make materials that go into virutally everything we own.



How Fracking In Pennsylvania Helps Clear The Air In New York

The state of New York effectively has a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing as the government figures out how to regulate the controversial drilling technology. Still, the state is benefiting from a fracking-fueled drilling boom in next-door Pennsylvania.



Marcellus Goliath Transforms Region to Gas Trade

Beneath the rolling pastures and woodland of western Pennsylvania, a corner of Appalachia dotted with Victorian main streets and white church steeples, a radical shift is under way.



Oil and gas offer a glimpse of America's powers of regeneration

The first gushers sprayed oil into the skies of Texas, Ohio and California more than a century ago. America has relentlessly drained its reservoirs of oil and gas ever since. In 1986, seeing the flow begin to slow, Robin West founded PFC Energy to advise oil people how to take capital out of the American industry and invest it in newer prospects abroad. As he leaves the company 27 years later, he is amazed to see the money flowing back in record amounts.



Water Recycling Minimal but Growing on Texas Oilfields

Standing on a sprawling ranch where drilling rigs, cranes and bobbing stripper wells form a makeshift skyline, Jimmy Davis is not thinking solely about sucking up oil. It is not the only precious liquid that is pumped from under the land that he manages.



Firm sees promise in shale

Producers Service Corp. today is quite different than the company founded in 1981. In the 1980s, the hydraulic fracturing company featured maybe a few dozen employees, all housed in the South Graham Street office. The past two or three years, however, Producers has added about 60 employees and leased a 50,000-square-foot warehouse off Sonora Road, where it builds its own pumper trucks.



Strategic natural gas investments critical to the state's competitiveness

The historic increase in U.S. natural gas production is triggering a manufacturing revival that can help Maine.



Fracking without freshwater at a west Texas oilfield

At a dusty Texas oilfield, Apache Corp has eliminated its reliance on what arguably could be the biggest long-term constraint for fracking wells in the arid western United States: scarce freshwater.

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