Environmental activism and the working class

October 4, 2016

To say those working in natural resource development do not also care for the environment is a fallacy.

The greatest casualty in this war against production and recreation, from access, to agriculture, to energy, is the working class.

The pseudo-environmental movement’s battle cry to lessen human activity is having a profound effect on public policy. Though the movement is not new, its motives have shifted over the last thirty years, from pushing necessary protections of sensitive environments, to stifling land use.

The millions of blue-collared men and women responsible for producing the necessary means for modern living stand directly in the cross-hairs, pitted against ideologues and misinformed joiners of regressive campaigns.

Of all the amazing technological advances over the last century, natural resource production tops the chart of the most hi-tech industries. Farmers now have the ability to feed the world, and U.S. energy producers have the means to power and fuel it; all without imperiling pristine resources.

To say those working in natural resource development do not also care for the environment is a fallacy; perhaps one of the most egregious. It’s those working in natural resource development that spend their time in the field, unlike those protesting in capital buildings and in courtrooms. It’s far easier to be a steward of the land when working directly with it every day.

The economic benefits are often touted in terms of jobs numbers, tax revenues, and GDP. But missing from those statistics are the faces of those contributing to great feats, along with their personal stories.

One of the most significant experiences of my professional life has been the time spent turning wrenches alongside those working on the ground floor of the oilfield.

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